Help the Environment

rEarth is an easy way to support water bottle recycling and keep bottles out of landfills. Millions of water bottles are thrown away each day, producing 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year. But if the bottle is instead recycled, it can be used infinitely to make other products. It all depends on that simple act of choosing to place your water bottle in the recycle bin instead of the trash.

Highest Quality Products

rEarth is exceptionally strong compared to other plastic containers. Thanks to advances in plastics technology, largely supported by water bottle manufacturers, rPET can now be made stronger and more heat-resistant than ever. It’s nearly impossible to tear a water bottle—and that strength remains through the recycling process and carries over to rEarth.

We're Your Low Cost Provider

Eco-friendly products don’t always have to be more expensive. rEarth is unique in the green industry in that it’s both sustainable and cost-neutral to similar products. That’s because we manufacture it in California, whose state-supported recycling infrastructure allows us to source plastic more cost-effectively than anywhere else in the US.

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