rEarth helps the environment by keeping plastic water bottles out of landfills. The millions of water bottles that are thrown away every day produce 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year. But if a bottle is instead recycled, it can be used infinitely to make other products, including rEarth. It all depends on that simple act of choosing to place your water bottle in the recycle bin instead of the trash.

Grow in rEarth and help recycle 72,000,000 bottles per year!

Why Recycle Water Bottles?

  • How long does it take a water bottle to break down in a landfill?
    Up to 1000 years
  • How many bottles get thrown away each year?
    2.2 billion
  • What can you make with recycled water bottles?
    Water bottle plastic can be used to make a variety of products such as clothing, reusable shopping bags, and rEarth containers.

Why Choose rEarth?

  • How much energy does rEarth save?
    rEarth uses 60% less energy than producing containers from new plastic
  • Can rEarth be recycled curbside?
    Yes! Just be sure to contact your local recycling center first to make sure they accept #1 PET.
  • How many bottles does rEarth use?
    Last year, rEarth production diverted 72 million bottles from landfills.

It takes about 1 water bottle to
make 1 rEarth 4.3” pot

Recycling varies by city and county. Please contact your local recycling facility to make sure they accept #1 PET.