Why Our Growers Love rEarth

Grow your plants in rEarth containers! Right now, we are turning over 72 million water bottles per year into plant containers. By choosing rEarth, you can help us recover even more bottles from being landfilled.

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"Here at Do-Right's, we are very concerned about the environment and we try to make a positive difference. We also like that rEarth looks good and is cost-neutral; in this economy, we need to worry about every cent. That's why we like rEarth and would highly recommend it to other growers."

- Dudley Davis, Do-Right's Plant Growers


"SummerWinds feels that part of being a good steward of the environment and the community is to help in recycling efforts of the nursery industry. Providing our customers with a recycled, recyclable plastic grow container is just another part of SummerWinds’ efforts in being a green certified business. We Guarantee Success!"

- Brian Hjelmstad, SummerWinds

Showcase your Commitment: POP Material

Let your customers know that you are using 100% recycled, eco-friendly plant containers made from water bottles.

Our design team can work with you to develop a custom point-of-purchase system for your nursery or garden center.